Growing your own food is like printing your own money

Ron Finley

Let's Grow Real Food

From planting my first vegetable garden as a child to running a commercial farm through some of Australia’s harshest climatic conditions, I’ve tried and tested almost everything when it comes to growing food.

I’ve done the hard work, made the mistakes and tend to know what works best! My tips and tricks here will help fast track you to delicious, organic food – the real stuff – tasty, seasonally fresh and straight from your own garden. 

The benefits of growing food are many, including:

  • you’re eating really good stuff!
  • kids love to get involved (and get their hands dirty)
  • whilst you’re reconnecting with nature you’re disconnecting from those bright little screens that tend to take over our lives
  • you can eliminate the risk of food contamination, particularly for those people with food intolerances and allergies.
  • you’ll minimise (and almost eliminate) your household food waste
  • you will be reminded of the incredible flavours found in seasonally fresh food and when it’s your own grown produce, it really does taste better
  • you will love using good food ingredients and appreciate the benefits to your health and wellbeing
  • when you grow your own food, you tend to naturally eat better (and maybe even a little less than you think you need)
  • no more wasting precious dollars buying bunches, when all you really need is sprigs!
  • no more long queues at 6.00pm at the supermarket
  • no more purchasing of so-called “fresh” produce that’s been stored in coolrooms for weeks and months
  • there’s something to be said for walking outside and harvesting your own-grown food – just what you need – it simply doesn’t get fresher or taste better
  • you’ve eliminated food miles, which means a smaller carbon footprint, which means the planet will thank you.
  • you automatically join the rapidly growing “no food miles” community
  • it’s actually really fun (even if you don’t like gardening – promise!)
  • most importantly you know what you’re eating, where it’s from and how it was grown!

Be your own organic food grower and receive my regular tips, tricks and ideas for growing the freshest of food.


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