Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

Jimi Hendrix


Clare is passionate about bringing real food back to the table in Australian homes, and generating discussion and insight around the origins (and sometimes harsh truths) about the foods we eat.

The idea that food connects families, not just through the sharing of a meal but also in the growing of your own food, is a message that Clare has long been sharing.  Her goal is to inspire others to grow their own fresh produce (and share these skills with the next generation), so they too can learn about the foods they eat, understand the seasons in which they are grown and appreciate how real food should taste.

“In this fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s “real” and what’s not when it comes to food, to the point where its origins, seasonality and production process can become a complete unknown to us. 

Coupled with the challenges we face at times in maintaining a basic, human connection with those we love, embracing the celebration of food, and the social interaction that goes with it cannot be lost. 

Our wellbeing, and that of our planet, relies on regaining some of the tradition and simplicity around food, encouraging us to reconnect once again with family and friends and think of food as a celebration, rather than a means to an end.”

Clare’s relaxed, storytelling approach to her presentations comes with her light-hearted style of conversation, inspiring her audience to embrace the idea that growing food is one of the best things we can do to enhance our own lives and the lives of those who matter most to us.

Whilst Clare’s passion revolves around food and enhancing the power of connection through food, she is also passionate about supporting other women, helping them to find their own purpose – their why – and teaching them to discover the best version of themselves by finding the courage to pursue their own goals and dreams.


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