Farmer (Fahr-Mer):


1. A person who is out-standing in his field.

Swan Bay Farm

The story behind Swan Bay Farm began decades ago in two separate backyards. One was in the suburbs of Melbourne, where Clare planted her first vege garden with her father. The other yard was on 320 acres in the Strathbogie Ranges in country Victoria, where John’s family embarked on a farming journey, working the land on the first of many rural enterprises.

It was through John’s family farming endeavours that his passion for farming was nurtured, and the skills he acquired over this time have stayed with him.  Swan Bay Farm is where these lessons would be passed on and shared with Clare and their three sons. It would also become a transformational change in direction for them.

They stumbled onto their rural patch of paradise in the Winter of 2000 on the Bellarine Peninsula, just a stone’s throw from Geelong, Victoria. Since that time, they have planted 1000’s of trees, plants and shrubs, experienced many peaks and troughs through their farming endeavours and raised their three boys. Swan Bay Farm has also encouraged them to be creative and inspired them to share their experience with the wider community.

Swan Bay Farm is the perfect destination for education, inspiration and connection.  John and Clare want to share the Swan Bay Farm story with others, to encourage them to gain more knowledge about farming, its challenges and rewards, and highlight why it is important to support local, thus creating a greater awareness of the origins of the foods we eat.

Clare and John, with their backgrounds in business, farming and design, acknowledge the power of having a clear vision and turning their ideas into reality. They have a strong ethos and respect for the environment and believe there has never been a better time to share their experiences with others on the necessity of mindful thinking, of how we see the earth we walk on and harvest from, to minimise our everyday footprint on the world we live in.

Always finding new ideas to evolve and strengthen their own vision, Clare and John’s plan is to open Swan Bay Farm to the public in 2018. Their dream is to inspire others to realise how the simple idea of reconnecting with nature can benefit the individual and the rapidly changing world we live in. To share their food growing expertise through education, and inspire people to grow food is the ultimate goal.

Plans to open Swan Bay Farm for farm gate tours, host seasonal harvest day events, open up the Host Farm luxury glamping and launch Victoria’s Longest Lunch down their iconic 250-metre Sugar Gum driveway are just a handful of projects underway.  

Beyond that, stay tuned. Rest assured there’s an idea …

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